Monday, February 23, 2009

I didn’t meeean to do it

So when new guy named Faulsey gets on BA Chat. He says he is from Scotland. Trizophenie and Maerdred get all excited about more European wow bloggers around.

I have quick thoughts of the Auzzie and European accents of the past on vent. Then state
“... times like this I wish I had voice for BA Chat.”


Matticus makes a channel in his vent.


Siha from Banana Shoulder.
Wyn and Matticus from World of Matticus
Llanion from Moonfire
… well I am sure others hopped on.

Me? I have three other vents. I use each of them to excuse myself from the other so that I can NOT be on vent.

Maybe if Kes got on I would. It would be like the Twisted Nether Blogcast live!

(Yes. This is a post to randomly link to people. So so SO. Whatca going to do about it??!! *grin*)


  1. Awww, I missed it! Sounds like you guys had fun, anyway :-)

  2. Sar!

    For you I can go back and listen to you on your video blog posts.

    <3 Sar videos.