Sunday, January 18, 2009

Footman Mitch Exists

After the fishing contest (I was two fish and a hearth this week) I took the boat from Stormwind to Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra. I got off the boat and while standing around I SAW them.

After getting off the boat I stopped in front of the inn. I was talking about my new boots and how I want to get minor speed put on them. I could get boar's speed to match Aurum's boots but really. I think the minor speed increase will be just fine.

Then I remembered that this is where the Footmen are suppose to be. Suddenly three of them popped up right in the inn doorway. I followed Footman Rob, Footman George, and Footman Chuck into the inn. I watched as they had some beer.

*The three Footmen walk into the inn*
[12:48:16]Footman Rob says: One last drink before we head to the front?
[12:48:22]Footman George says: Sure, why not?
[12:48:40]Footman Rob says: Barkeep! Bring out your strongest ale. We're off to the front.
[12:48:47]James Deacon says: You lads know the drill. No alcohol to servicemen on duty. You want the general to kill me himself?
[12:48:54]Footman Rob says: You'll surely make an exception for us, eh? We might not come back.
[12:49:00]James Deacon says: All right, all right... but you didn't get these from me!
*Footmen drink the beer*
[12:49:36]Footman Rob says: I guess that's it then. Off we go.
[12:49:43]Footman Chuck says: That was the worst beer I've ever had.
*The Footmen laugh. The three walk out of the inn, joined by a fourth.*
[12:50:03]Footman Mitch says: Hey, guys! Wait up!
*The four Footmen disappear to the front lines.*

I listened in on their conversation. Footman Mitch does not partake in the pre-duty drinking. He is so cute.

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