Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Not Four Healers

That was the solution someone gave me for Sapphiron.

Right now we run 10-man Naxx with 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps. This person actually told me that they drop a tank and bring in a fourth healer for the Sapphiron fight.

I like my tanks.

I like my healers.

So you are telling me we should drop someone and replace them?

On paper it works (if you are a heartless @$$), but in a raid? Let’s look.

Tank – They just took the hatefuls on Patchwerk. They timed their refresh of the Death Knight Understudies to perfection. They switched at three debuffs on the Four Horsemen like clockwork. And you are dumping them.

Healer – They received no loot from the other quarters 13 bosses. They didn’t get one badge from the other wings. They will be saved to raid ID and cannot even find a PuG later. And you are taking them.

Heck I am considered cheap. I am known for it. I will farm for a lot of things before I spend gold on it. I will store a lot of mats indefinitely in the off case that I can use it later.

No one said that raiding was cheap. You have never heard me ONCE complain that it was expensive (granted I don't wear plate). If any of my guildes want help to make the frost resist gear I will help. But like any craftable gear it just takes effort on the part of the raider. It can be done.

I cannot think of any other reason then pure cost and laziness that would make a raid leader go this route.

All a fourth healer will be doing is healing the damage the raid is taking that would be mitigated by crafting three pieces of frost resist gear… gear that is available for cloth, leather, mail, or plate.

I am so glad this person is not in my guild.

What a goober.


  1. The other alternative is to take an OT that has healing gear and can heal, either just enough in their tank spec, or take a 10 minute break, let him or her hearth, respec to a healing spec, slap on their healing gear and come back to heal instead of tank. Have the guild pay for the respec, both to and from healybot.

    Love your hybrid.

  2. Better yet, get better healers and dps so you only need 2 healers regardless of 1-2 tanks.

  3. If the raid needs extra healing that much, K's suggestion works fine (assuming the spare tank is a pally or druid). I think we usually just ask one of the DPS to toss out a heal or two if we're falling behind.

    As for swapping people for an encounter, I could see it if it was earlier in an instance but not for Saph. You'd just have to have them swap out for the off-tank for Kel'Thuzad anyways to deal with the bugs near the end. That'd be a fun conversation: "Hey thanks for helping us with the dragon and all, but now we need the tank again. Sorry about locking you out for the week."

  4. Swapping ppl is always a last resort imo, since it will cause that person to be locked for that week with just 1 or 2 bosses. When my guild was first doing him we would wear the resist gear, or put a doomkin or ele shammy on standby for helping heal the raid.

    Wtiger and LtShortarms =)