Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Enchanting Mats Reduced 3.0.8

I have been choosing enchants on the cheap. Using Enchant Cloak – Speed for 6x Infinite Dust instead of the Enchant Cloak - Greater Speed for the 24x Infinite Dust and 12x Greater Cosmic Essence.

With how much enchanting mats were going for in the AH the +8 increase in Haste was not going to make a difference. But the gold will!

MMO Champion posted a list of the reduced price of the Wrath enchants in 3.0.8. With this change I will be upgrading all of my enchants.

So if you are leveling your enchanting wait until 3.0.8. But stock up on shards now, because they are reducing the drop rate on dream shards.

Truth. I have not sold one stack of infinite dust. Primarily because I was leveling my tailoring. I also helped others with their tailoring and the big one enchanting. I have only sold some GCE to make up the cost of some of the greens I buy and get DE into enchanting mats.

What am I going to do now? SELL SELL SELL.

I believe the current price of infinite dust is artificially high. With 3.0.8 we will have an increase in dust from Northrend greens (reducing the chance of shards) partnered with the reduced mats from enchants. Also right now the rush for leveling professions is tapering off. I suspect there will be a spike in dust prices (people re-enchanting) and then a stabilization to a lower point then the current price.

… but I maybe incorrect.

*sings* A little gold in my pocket. Right out of yours. A little gold in my pocket. So I can take more of yours. *hums some more*


  1. Sadly, I had used all my mammoth savings on mats to level up to 440. Then I heard about this and cried.

  2. /tar Noobiewan

    I completely understand. A few friends are in the same boat as you are.

    Well I checked my storage of mats and I cannot sell as much as I thought I could. I am down to two stacks of dust, one stack of shards, and 4 stacks of essences. Not enough to say “I will not need that to reenchant my gear.” So a stack of essences will be sold but that is about all. I may collect some shards now for later use, but not necessarily for profit.