Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Warlock Den Forums

There is great stuff on the Warlock Den forums.

I enjoy the community. I am just not a contributor. I would have to think about what I was writing and where is the fun in that. I only get so much time to write and I would much rather post here and be all rambly.

I like this post on raid specs. There is still not a cookie cutter spec yet. I like that. The section on “Final Thoughts” is very informative. Give you idea of things to keep tabs on.

With the warlock centric focus community you get some solid information. But like all things you have to consider your own play-style, gear, and goals. Test something out for yourself because that is the only way you will truly know.

Two gems of wisdom I enjoyed…

“Use the power of the SEED Luke.” - jesterlock

“I would be surprised if you played a Warlock to be liked.” - Zragoll


  1. Just dropping in to say I like the blog, even though I have never touched a warlock over the ripe level of one. xD

    I would also have you know soul shattering next to mages isn't cool :(

    We pretend to have feelings too :(

  2. “soul shattering next to mages isn't cool”

    Let us just call it spontaneous ice block practice then. Unless of course I noticed your ice block is on cooldown. *giggle*