Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PvP lock Name

I see hunters do this a lot. Naming their pet the same as themselves. This throws off targeting addons like Proximo and DBM Battlegrounds. Most of my hunters have gone into battlegrounds with a pet named after themselves. And now with inscription you can change an existing Hunter’s pet name.

This was the first time ever I had seen a warlock change their name to match their minion’s name. He went all out with even a guild name!
I went fangirl on him and told him he was brilliant. I didn’t care if he was ranked 1300 or 2000 in arenas. He got an A+ in my book.

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  1. You do need to be careful with those pet names. A few months ago Blizzard was renaming pets and even assigning temp-bans to people who named their pets after themselves or Arena partners. I'm not sure if it's still their policy, but I'd check before advising people to follow suit.

    Unfortunately, the official forums are down for the weekly maintenance and I can't find the corresponding threads in Blue Tracker. WoWInsider has the post "Blizzard cracks down on Arena pet naming exploit," but it's a bit outdated and I know there were some forced name changes as recently as early Fall. This thread might have more information, but the server's down and I'm just guessing at this point!

    Anyways, it's a slick idea, but Blizzard policy has generally been very negative regarding naming pets after teammates or self.