Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you WoW?

Just as good a question is “Do they WoW?” Have you ever wondered if the person next to you plays WoW? I have.

The lady at the bus stop.
The teenager taking his drivers test.
The man in the BMW at the stop light.
The mom at the grocery store.
The valet at the mall.
The pharmacist at the Walgreens.
The retired gentleman playing golf.
The mechanic checking your tire pressure.
The people laying out on the beach.
The couple walking their dogs.
The woman at the bookstore.
The lab teacher for elementary kids.

They may all be WoW players.

The next few days you get a rare opportunity to see all these people come out and pick up the expansion. If they were not picking up the expansion would they admit playing? Would they say “I play wow?” Would you think to ask?

I bet that man playing golf is the asshat calling everyone a noob in BG chat. That woman at the bookstore was running raids on four timed chests in ZA.

Think about it.

‘Cause I got shocking news…
My Mother-in-law is a level 70 Night Elf Hunter with a ghost saber.

She wanted to figure out how to play some on her own. I am so glad she told me prior to expansion. Because the first two things we did was to get her the 20 slot bag from ZA from my raid ID and get her the Argent Dawn Tabard. The first will be harder to complete post expansion and the other has already disappeared.

Then I sent her to BRK’s videos, Pike’s Hunter Kindergarten, and Petopia. Those have been the three best hunter resources that I have used.

Happy Expansion Release day everyone! May your computer not cry and your game load fast.

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  1. Wow, your mother-in-law?? We found out that my wifes cousin who is a dental student is a WoW player and has 3 70s, that blew us away. Just about anybody could be. Crazy.