Thursday, December 18, 2008

Red to Green Winter Clothes

Met up with a fine Horde lock friend Oathbreaker… he was on Alliance side… which was odd. It came down to this…

Red Winter Clothes are crafted by Alliance tailors.
Green Winter Clothes are crafted by Horde tailors.

So he was in the hunt for Red Winter Clothes to smuggle to Horde side through the goblins.

I REFUSED! I refused to have him pay AH prices for something I could make easy. Luckily I had time right then since I wiggled myself out of running heroics for a bit. (Something about a “NO!” *refuse invite*.)

So the swap was for 1 Green Winter Clothes for every 1 Red Winter Clothes.

Easy enough.Sometimes I am not so hot with the quick simple math. But even I can immediately tell that a few are missing. He said he was out of the runecloth.

TWINK FAIL. Runecloth should always be in stock at large quantities for bandages.

*sniffle* That poor little mage. Surviving a brutal attack by a rogue to be only pew pewed by a hunter 4 seconds later… All because he didn’t have a bandage. *sniffle cry* ...Oh well.

I expect to have 4 Green Winter Clothes in my mail sooner then later. But maybe I should not trust someone who calls themselves… Oathbreaker.


  1. I don't know if it is still possible, but the previous year, the green winter clothes were being sold by a goblin near the bank in Org., I just ran my mage to him and bought the pattern (it's BoP iirc).

  2. Oh, you'll get them soon enough my adorable little friend. :)