Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yummy Glass Naxx

I went on my first glass chewing run of Naxxramas Tuesday. Our guild will not officially schedule raids until after the Holidays. A few wanted to poke around Naxx so we guild PuGed it. We had 2 warrior tanks, 2 pally and a tree for heals, and 5 dps.

We tried Patchwerk. This fight is a tank and spank. He is a serious tank gear check. We had better luck with our better geared tank taking the Hateful Strikes as the off tank. Truly we needed some tank gearing. Since that was not something that would suddenly happen. We moved on.
We headed over to Instructor Razuvious. Once our tanks communicated effectively we had Razuvious down. We called out Knives to help our healers. If a tank goes down, Razuvious swats the raid quickly... is not pretty.

If healers and ranged DPS are quick you can reset him by running up the stairs and out the room. I was always too high on the threat table to get very far. ...16299 Physical and 109,700 Overkill… a total of 125,999… I gasped when that went across my screen.

A group of us went off to do the daily Heroic, Violet Hold. This is like Black Morass, where you get portals of mobs, but you stay in the one room. You get two random bosses prior to the final boss. It will get easier once I learn the strategies for each of the possible bosses. Completing it the first time on Heroic was challenging. If you wipe you restart at wave one.
After each group all non-tanks need to sit and eat and drink. Every moment counts. We finished with my Rogue getting his face smashed in while eating by Cyanigosa. We four maned the final boss in Heroic Violet Hold. All stops were pulled to accomplish that kill. Messy but dead is good enough for me.

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