Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hit Gear is for DPS

I have been stacking hit like it is going out of style. I have talked about why here. You can also check out more details and gear at The Warlocks Den.’s filter feature has been fantastic for researching gear with hit rating.

Cloth Armor with Stamina/Intellect/Spell Power/Hit Rating

After looking at the chest pieces simply change the slot to Legs and “Apply filter”. Make sure the column is sorted the way you want.

You can also hover over where it says “Database > Items > Armor > Cloth” you can filter by everything. Hovering over “Armor” you can switch to a weapons search. Play with it a bit if you have not before, it is a powerful thing.

I am running 5-man Heroics. I need 158 hit rating. The gear I have now goes above and beyond. I am actually scaling back my normal gear so I don’t exceed the 158 so much.

We have gone to Naxx once. I had about 310 hit rating. I didn’t notice a lot of misses. Unfortunately the run was so new to me… I didn’t actually pay much attention. Just the NOT dieing part was my main concern. I know I have the data for a WWS report… but whatever. Reaching the 446 hit cap rating is not going to be an easy task. Becoming hit capped is absolutely not going to happen over night.

I am saving my OMG I GOT HIT GEAR post for tomorrow. Read at your own risk.

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