Saturday, December 20, 2008

Evil Check: JC My Shinny

Diamonds maybe forever, but Spell Power gems are a girl’s best friend.

Is it evil to make someone else get reputation just to get a pattern for you?

I am currently waiting on my Jewelcrafter to finish his Kirin Tor reputation to get the Runed Scarlet Ruby pattern. Oh. I could get another JC to cut the gem for me. I even have another in guild who can do it. I have sitting in my mail 8 gems to be cut. So I wait.

Why am I making this ONE crafter do this?

Is it the pastel wussy mage tabard? Nope, but a bonus.

Does he owe me gold? Not a copper.

It is cute when he grumbles every time I ask “How much more rep?” No, but It warms my heart.

Then why? …*grin*

He abandoned his lock to be a Death Knight.

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