Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iridium Comes Out to Play

This is why I am Horde (sometimes)...

I met some new guys on vent, they were friends with one of my guildies. Even with me in the channel there was talk of hookers, getting laid, chicks, drinking, and more I am sure. I was less then half paying attention, Hydra was working on tailoring and I was doing math to calculate how many eternals needed, which type, cost, etc.

My guildie whispered me and profusely apologized for the vent chat. I told him I was a big girl. If I cared, I can go to another channel or turn it off. It was entertaining. Not a big deal at all. I am made of stronger stuff then that.

Something finally caught my attention in Vent. Warsong Gulch. The 20 bracket. There was the typical epeening comments.

[Me] What game you guys are in?
[Them] WSG 1
[Me] Score? *reviews where all the abilities are keybound*
[Them] *ding* We have just capped our second flag.
[Me] Nice. *queues* Sounds like a good game.
[Them] We are just swarming them.
[Me] Oh. I just got into game. Excellent.
[Me] So who is who out here?
[Them] *proceeds to tell me*

First job was to return the flag. Fix this stale mate. *ding*
Second, it was to tie up the game by kiting. *flag cap*
Next, it was to show these boys that this was a big kids game. Kill them all! *clears path for FC*
Lastly, it was to win. *evil grin*
Iridium has earned the achievement [Warsong Gulch]

[Me] I sure am rusty. Thanks for the practice guys.

[Them] You were that Hunter. I killed you!
[Me] Yes. Yes, you did. You and three others were kited to the far Alliance ramp side. Behind the fence even. I watched the Horde flag carrier on my map run off the Alliance graveyard. If I killed you, there was a potential you could chase him down. Soooooo... Good job killing me.

Fun times. *Iridium heads back to cavorting with other Horde*

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