Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A New Game Starts

Welcome friends both old and new. *wave*
(Insert music here. My choice is Jupiter and Mars from Gustav Holst’s The Planets.)

My name is Hydra. I am a master of shadow and flame. I am a level 80 Warlock. This is my journey some call me Almost Evil.
I turned 80 last Friday. I missed being the first guild lock to 80 by 33 minutes 41 seconds. When we started the race, I had a 667K deficit. I would have beat him to 81.I quested through Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, Zul’Drek, and Storm Peaks. I did some instancing, amazingly with other guilds and *cringe* a PuG. I should not call it a PuG. I knew 1.5 of the people, they all came from raiding guilds. The tank I knew left after the first dungeon and *gulp* I stayed for the second. Being called into run with three guilds is not so bad.

Even as I was trying to ding 80, a group for Utgarde Pinnacle and Occulus was waiting for me.
I only went and trained on even levels. Training for 79 and 80 spells cost 254g 86s 60c. (I think. There maybe a flight in there. Or a bribe. *shrug* who can remember these things.)
In my quest to 80 I worked with my Felguard, Neelshril. We had some good times. I enjoyed doing all those group quests with him tanking. Learning how many dots I could pile onto the mob prior to pulling agro. We took some time in Nagrand to say our goodbyes. I am not sure when we will meet again but maybe this will establish a better Master and Demon relationship now that I can see his usefulness. He made a good fishing partner.
I have run instances, heroics, and even chewed glass in Naxx. I still have yet to figure out where to start upgrading my gear. This all sounds very familiar.

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