Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ebon Blade Not so Friendly

Those Ebon Blade Death Knights are tricky.

With the other factions all I had to do is be friendly and I could pick up their tabard. Once I had that I could run dungeons in their name and gain reputation.

Ebon Blade?

*shakes head*

Apparently completing the Daily Dungeon quests was not good enough.

Here I was supposedly "friendly"... but no Tabard of the Ebon Blade.

Supposedly It's All Fun and Games until you actually want something from these Death Knights.

*grumbles about having to chase down some flying moving ship.

*grumbles about trudging through the snow.*

*grumbles more about bring the beat down to some elites*

*rips tabard from the clutches of the elf in pigtails.*

*grumbles about taking less time so her hearth is still on cooldown.*



I can have the Ebon Blade tabard at friendly but not really. You have to work for them. Those Mage people just gave me the tabard at friendly. But I was manipulated into doing even MORE for the Ebon Blade ...

I think I am going to like these Death Knights.

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