Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hit Cap vs Not Hit Cap – In Pictures!

I did a gear opps that I wish to share with you.

When we wiped with Patchwerk at 4% I didn’t have my raid boss gear on. So I was not hit capped. (Hit cap info here.) I missed. I have screenshots to share with you. This really demonstrates what being hit capped as a warlock will do for you.

In my raid trash and Heroic 5-man gear I have 158 Hit Rating. Currently I have three points in Suppression and three points in Cataclysm. I had a Draenei mage for Heroic Presence. With talents and Heroic Presence that put me at 10.02% Hit. I actually need 17% for Patchwerk. My hit was 6.98% under. (Pictured here post less other buffs.)Not being at my hit cap, I had 2460 dps.I missed over 10% of my Shadow Bolts. That is way more then I would have expected. At the same time since I was not hit capped it is encouraging to see the numbers working.Also, misses don’t reapply Shadow Embrace. So there is lost damage there.

I did apply Siphon Life to help heal myself when we lost one of our healers to a disconnect.

What I do see is that I am being very good at reapplying Haunt. Haunt is the most important spell in my non-rotation to keep up on the boss. With an 8 second cooldown and 12 second duration, I have 4 seconds to reapply Haunt. Patchwerk has a 6 minute Berserk timer. So I kept to reapplying at spell duration pretty closely.

Enough of that, let me actually put on my hit capped gear and try this again. In my raid boss gear I have 362 Hit Rating. With talents and Heroic Presence that put me at 17.80% Hit. My hit was 0.80% over.Being beyond my hit cap I had 2705 dps. I noticed too that there was not much change in dps of my party members so I don’t think they changed anything that they were doing.No more misses!!
I should have adjusted my gear further to gain back dps from the extra hit I didn’t need from my raid make-up… for Heroic Presence…but didn’t.

Bottom line…

Hit cap is good for DPS.

Oh. One other thing, I am really enjoying being an Affliction lock in raids.*grin*


  1. "I did apply Siphon Life to help heal myself when we lost one of our healers to a disconnect."

    You don't cast siphon life regularly in your rotation? /boggle

    You may want to do some rotation research. Especially for a fight like Patchwerk, you should have every dot you have up.

  2. You can boggle at me. I am good with that. I am telling you what was going on at the time. Why there was so few ticks of SL.

    This was one of the first fights I have ever had a chance to just stand and stare at my DoT timer, my main goal was to ensure Haunt was up. Training myself that all else is not as important as doing that one thing. So I removed SL from my "rotation" (an affliction lock rotation doesn't exist.)

    Roughly from the above numbers.
    Shadow Bolt - 4,206 average damage. (in the second shot it was 4,772)
    Siphon Life - 741.7 average damage per tick.
    Takes 5.7 ticks of SL to equal damage of a SB.
    About 17 seconds to get equal benefit.
    SL lasts 30 seconds and equals damage of 1.76 SBs.

    I don't need to look anything up. Because I just did my own calculations. Far superior then anything anyone else could tell me.