Monday, October 13, 2008

Bandage Rogue

Twinks in the 19 and 29 bracket can train in First Aid up to 225. Thus only learning up to Mageweave Bandages.

With 225 first aid you can actually use Heavy Runecloth Bandage. You want to use the biggest bandages you can to get yourself back and ready to fight.

Any twink rogue worth their weight in enchants knows how to gouge and bandage themselves while the stun ticks. You will get 250 health back from each successful tick of the bandage. Trust me... this is a duel decider.

If you see someone using a bandage in battleground, interrupt the process. What is that QQ I hear... To far? I'm melee! /cry *smaks you upside the head* You don’t just equip those Throat Piercers for looks. Throwing weapons are meant to be thrown.

I will sometimes keep Runecloth Bandages around too. Since sometime I pick them up cheep off the AH when someone was leveling their own first aid. Good for when I know the next wave of Horde are coming. Or in a strange generous moment to give out in a battle.

With all the stuff I keep in my bags … uggg…. I ran out of food. But that is a whole different issue.

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