Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Raid We Saw They Died

Our plan is to not start raiding until January. We have gone through holidays trying to raid before. It is a hard time to get everyone together.

Others have talked about no social lives. I am inflicting one on my husband. So there are parties, visits to family, and pure "Lets go see the lights!" coming up. These things cramp the WoW time. I for one am glad that we are not starting until January.

War Machine has not raided since September. Yes we did Kara, ZA, Gruuls and others. But real progression raiding stopped for us prior to the Outland's raid nerf.

It was observed Saturday that we had two full groups running heroics and blowing through them. There are some heroics I have yet to do or are harder. More then half we blow through with no issues at all. Everyone is getting geared, enchanted, leveling their professions, etc.

5 + 5 = 10 ... A raiding we did go.

So we agree to try some of the 10-man content Sunday. Torture a new healer. Burn some wood. Chew glass as a team!

First there was Sartharion. We got him on our third try.
If you just want to deal with only the boss, you do need to kill all the adds. (Opps, missed a pack.) I really should count it as two, one to really see the fight and one to execute the kill.
Next, we were off to Archavon. He ATE our main tank. Then he killed me. We didn't know that was going to happen. Our off-tank was in dps gear. But once the OT picked up the boss, I got a battle rez so we had the dps to kill him in time. HE ATE OUR FLIPPEN TANK. Spit him out. Eat the other. He has a thing for eating plate. Still...One Shot!
We were feeling good about ourselves. So off to Naxx!

Anub'Rekhan took us a few attempts to get the positioning correct. It was a fun fight! I am enjoying the Boss, adds, and timing fights. Where you cannot just stand still and kill. I did use my Improved HoT to keep adds off my tree.
Grand Widow Faerlina we again two shot a new boss, once to see the fight, then once to execute on what we needed to do. A mage was in charge of getting one add at a time low in health. That way when she enraged we could kill the add in one or two hits to get her back to normal.

Big spider Maexxna was a PITA for me.
The instructions were for "ALL dps should free wrapped players". Well I tried. But by the time I got there, I was really useless. With no burst damage it was a waste of time. So tip to Affliction locks... the REAL instructions are... "All BURST dps should free wrapped players". After fixing some other things we cleared the Arachnid Quarter!
We again had trouble with Patchwerk. So we headed over to the Military Quarter and defeated Instructor Razuvious again. We had a few resets. We had two new tanks with us but they quickly figured out the timing. Four bosses down in our first planned adventure into Naxx, not a bad run at all.

The MVR (most valuable raider) was awarded. Granted I awarded it... *drum roll*

For the time saved in repairs, grabbing reagents, and selling off vendor trash... I again (in case you forgot) give you my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth.I had a great time raiding as a guild again.

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  1. Sounds like your guild is almost a mirror image of mine =D. Took us 3 tries on our first night at Sartharion. 1 shotted Archavon on our first attempt. 2 shotted Anub, 2 shotted Grand Widow, took about 4 tries with Maexxna and I feel your pain as a fellow DoT class (shadowpriest), wiped on Patchwerk at 11% in our best attempt BUT we couldn't get Razuvious down. One tanks mic wasnt working so they couldn't be vocal enough about when to taunt off each other and we couldn't salvage beyond 50%.