Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Tailoring so Far

375-385 I was able to make Mycah's Botanical Bag. With how cheep the mats were for me it was a nice easy way to level. Was a great hit with my crafter guildies. But that ended the “easy” stuff.

386-395 I tried Frostwoven Boots at 4x Bolt of Frostweave. But it was better to move on to the next higher item. I quickly started making Frostwoven Cowl at 5x Bolt of Frostweave. Everything got disenchanted.

… this absolutely killed me. I had to buy Eternium Thread for the first time. We went from rune thread at one gold to this fancy thread at THREE GOLD! When I started buying stacks I started having chest pains. Yes, I know you get a discount with factions you are exalted with...well there was this problem…
396-401 I made Duskweave Belts using 7x Bolt of Frostweave. It all got disenchanted.

402-406 I made Shining Spellthread and Azure Spellthread. I saved these since they let me make my tailor only Sanctified Spellthread for PvE and Master's Spellthread for PvP.

407-412 Was Duskweave Wristwraps using 8x Bolt of Frostweave... more disenchanted items.

413-417 I made Frostweave Bags. Most of our Tailors in guild did a deal for guildies, every 90 frostweave cloth would get you a bag. A few took us up on it. I personally gave them a bag even if they were short. Better then them just sitting in my bank or a discount on the full auction house.

418-424 I started making a set of the resilience gear for cloth wearers, Frostsavage. I am not sure how much I am going to wear of it. But at least I had it made and could pass it on to someone else if they would like pieces.

425 Was collecting mats for a very special item….I have a Magnificent Flying Carpet!… I should be able to fit six more people on this thing. Apparently only tailors have learned the art of surfing the rug.

426-437 I made more of the Frostsavage set and Frostweave Bags. I became exalted with the Argent Crusade I made a Brilliant Spellthread. Eternal Life I get from my herbalism so it is something I get easily. I made this not because anyone needed one made, but eventually someone will need one made. To get to 440 I will be making more of these for that very reason.

I still have a bunch of bags left. I may give them out as thank you gifts to my gem cutter and others that have helped me.

Na. That would be “Nice” and I try to avoid such things. *thinks* But if I give them a bag that I already have ... maybe they will continue to do nice things. I will have to evaluate the manipulative benefit of bag gifting.

Not the best way to do skill ups for tailoring. But I tried to utilize the resources I had at my disposal. For a long time the cloth was the limiting factor. At the higher levels it became the Infinite Dust.

Has it been worth it?

Tailoring really has not been a profitable profession. The best use I found has always been making bags. The second has been finding the patterns to use up the cloth that eventually becomes abundant and have it disenchanted to sell in the auction house.

I am not excited about the tailor only enhancements for backs. For warlocks they are quite unspectacular. I read them and immediately dismissed their usefulness to our class. If pressured, Lightweave Embroidery would be the only thing I would consider. Weak compared to getting the speed enchant on your cloak.

I like tailoring because it is a profession that is useful occasionally and then I can forget I have it. If you have it already and have some fun or rare patterns prior to Warth, I would keep it and level tailoring.

Would I recommend it for a new player or toon? No. There are other professions that give you more of a benefit. Even the three gathering professions give you an actually benefit. Wowwiki.com actaully has a nice table to look at the crafting bonuses.

The idea of leveling tailoring with enchanting just scares me. Since I know enchanting is what most tailors have a secondary skill… good luck.

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