Friday, December 11, 2009

Addon: Too Many Addons

While poking around my new guild forums I came across a great discussion on managing addons.

The problem is prior to raid having individuals log out to deselect non-essential addons for raiding and log back in. If you happen to forget to do this your frame rates would plummet to the single digits during a fight.

A solution is the addon Too Many Addons. You open the interface with /TMA. You can then make profiles for addons you want to set up for at the time.I installed it and it was very intuitive to set up. You can load profiles from characters on other realms. If you have pre-raid routine you can also set up a macro to one click with “/TMA aProfileName”.

My raiding profile eliminates any questing, auction, trade skill, and data addons I use. It only includes those addons I use for my UI, DBM, and anything needed to make killing easier. While raiding I truly don’t care that a guildie just picked Kingsblood in STV.

My general profile contains most of my addons, with a few exceptions.

My bank characters profile includes UI and banking related addons. It doesn’t include the only-for-use-in-raiding addons. This helps with loading between characters.

The addon had an “Always Load These Addons” profile. This should overwrite all selections in the other profiles. The must have in the profile is Too Many Addons itself checked. You will want to be able to get back to modify selections even if you want to disable it all.

If I have a new warlock I can easily import profiles from Hydra from a drop down menu. This makes setting up characters a little bit easier.


  1. I use Addon Control Panel to the same effect, join the raid, detick all addons you don't need, reload UI. Love not having to relog :D

  2. The reputation and experience bar is from the addon Dominoes.

    You can completely change the size. I really should squish it somewhere else. But at the moment like how it tops my screen.