Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frozen Halls Short Boss Explanations

With patch 3.3 we were given three 5-man dungeons in the Icecrown Citadel called the Frozen Halls. You can find the entrance to all three and the summoning stone on the upper path to the west. With these new dungeons we were also given the new LFM, or Looking for More tool.

You initially must complete the dungeons in order to open the next ones.
1. The Forge of Souls (FoS)
2. Pit of Saron (PoS)
3. Halls of Reflection (HoR)

There is an optional quest you can pick up in Dalaran. I never made it to Dalaran before heading over to the new dungeons. So I can attest that you can pick up the quest line start just at the entrance of The Forge of Souls.

I don’t ever pug. But I wanted to give it a chance with the new system. I really like the new system. Particularly the idea if you get in a bad random one you can get into another one to still finish your daily. So far I have been really lucky. I must thank Xxl of Nazgrel for two great runs.

The key to any encounter can be having someone who could sum up the fights in a quick paragraph. This paragraph should highlight the group killers or tricky game mechanics. So here is my attempt to do that here. There should be just enough for a copy and paste at the right times. Please let me know of anything needs to be added or changed.

The Forge of Souls
It is mostly shadow damage. Tank kites boss away from sphere. DPS with Drain Soul move away from boss. Kill the sphere spawn. At 30% is Soulstorm, stay in the middle. Healer, a feared target will take a lot of damage if they get into the Soulstorm.

The Devourer of Souls
Tank and Spank. Interrupt as many Phantom Blasts as possible. Stay away from adds when they spawn, you cannot target them. Don’t stand in stuff. Healer, the person with Mirrored Soul will be taking a lot of damage.

Pit of Saron
Forgemaster Garfrost
Tank and Spank. It is mostly frost damage. Boss throws boulders doing damage when they land. Once boulders land they can be used to line of site the boss letting your Permafrost stack debuff drop off.

Krick and Ick
When he emotes "close" get out of melee range. If you get targeted kite the boss. Watch for poison clouds. Stay away from exploding bad orbs. Don’t stand in stuff.

Stay out of dropped runes (like Hodir). Tank agro to first giant. Don’t DPS until tank has giant THEN kill everything. The giant is about half way. Tank at the medallion on the ground. Move together to end of hall. Again no dps until tank has adds.

Scourgelord Tyrannus
Tank be ready to pick him up. Keep spread out. Move if you're targeted. DPS with Overlord’s Brand needs to STOP DPS. You kill the tank. Healer with brand try to minimize healing (heals boss), but don’t let us die.

Halls of Reflection
Falric and Marwyn
Tank up front. Let tank get mobs. Kill the priest mob first. Don’t pull agro. Healer watch feared group members they can take a lot of damage. Stay out of stuff.

The Lich King
Run! Tank to stay up front. Let tank get mobs. Kill casters first. Stay together. Don’t pull agro. Kill stuff. Keep moving as soon as the wall is down!


  1. Most useful post ever. Totally rolled through all three for the second time tonight using these. Party thought I was such a pro and my fingers didn't fall off. Awesome idea. I wish the raid fights were simple enough to do this. It's like WoW meets twitter meets badass. :-)

    So yeah. Thanks.

  2. Good. With PUGs everyone does things a little bit differently. Setting it up like this gets people on the same page.

    Email me any updates at HydRAWR at gmail dot com if there needs to be any changes or improvements.

  3. The only minor update so far is that they fixed the ranged can kill saurfang in the air thingy... he heals at the proper start of the fight.

  4. That is too bad we cannot attack early anymore. Gave us something to do during a lot of talking.

    Removed it from fight explanation.

  5. Got as far as Tyrannus last night and he hits like a truck (I was tanking), so it's better to kite him around remembering the guidelines you set up.

    Thanks for these.

    And yes, it's both a gear issue and skill issue in my case (gear mainly below T9 and some even below il 200...)

    C out

  6. Haha I just found the blog 7 years late so I apologize for necro.. This is XXL of Nazgrel. Great post, and thanks for the shout out! Lol