Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patch Issues

So apparently when the game patched it broke my wow.exe file. It goes nowhere. I now need to revert to a prior version of the game. ... I sure hope I don't have to reinstall the entirety of patch 3.3 but I suspect so.

Hope your patch day is going better.

Update. So I uninstalled the Norton Antivirus on my machine (it was an old copy anyway. ) I saved my Screanshot, WTF, and interface folders. I then did a wow repair. I then had to reinstall all patches since 3.0.2. An hour and 36 minutes and 54 seconds to download the new patch I could get back into wow.

At that point I was so annoyed with it all I didn't log in.So far I have Icecrown Citadel has not started on a good note and I am actually not excited about logging in tomorrow. ... But I am sure I will. ... eventually.


  1. My instal wasn't plain sailing either. I feel the pain :(

  2. Glad my install worked nicely. Worst issue was my server was busy and took almost an hour to connect.

  3. It is really odd that something as normal to have on your computer like Norton would trigger a WoW error.