Friday, December 18, 2009

Evil Check: If you DARE

I was chatting with Lady Jess about her scrapbooking. Her husband is away to Afghanistan or her technical term was “Afghanisuck”. You can check out more over at A Touch of Tude.

She was linking stuff to me. Pages she has finished with neat little boxes. Places next to pictures for her husband to fill out when he gets back form being deployed. There are news article pages. A bunch of stuff that made me feel warm and fuzzy about how much she loves her man.


Then I saw it again.

She has done it before.

Tempted me.

I couldn’t resist. *click* Bahahahaha

Now should I share it with you? My dear wonderfully bored readers.

Yes! Because you have free will to NOT click. I am telling you to NOT click on it.

May the song be stuck in your head randomly as you drive home.

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