Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hunter Makes Three (or is Horde always number one?)

I now have a third level 80. Moly the Hunter was brought up on PvP and late night questing. If I get to it I will regale you with the few world leveling PvP stories she has participated in. I stopped randomly questing at level 78. I enjoy leveling. Running around and gaining experience for leveling. But take out that... and I fail. I cannot seem to convince myself to quests for the sake of questing once I hit level cap. Only questing I do is to open flight paths, factions, special events, or reputation. I am at a loss to think of any more reasons I would.

Before I hit 80 I wanted to get a few things done...
Sons of Hodir reputation open for dailies,
Ebon Blade reputation open for tabard, and
Icecrown phased flight paths open.
I would have stopped questing once I dinged 80. But I was informed of the new epic Quel'Delar quest line. This will give 251 weapon as quest reward. All the details have yet to be known but I am sure one of the news sites will tell us soon. But rumor has it it is an extension to one of the long lines in Icecrown. Not knowing which one I am choising to do them all. (They could be telling me all of this to MAKE me quest, which is highly probable.)

Skinning and mining were my professions while leveling. I have made a lot of gold with the two gathering professions. Plus they don't clutter your bags while questing with materials for craftables.

Now at 80, I want to level a crafting profession. I think I am pretty set on swapping out my mining for Enchanting. I was going to keep mining instead of skinning for the high gold value of the profession. Truthfully I can never see myself farming mining nodes. I don't do that now on my Alliance server. I cannot see myself doing it Horde side.

Plus, so far my experience in raids has shown a low number of people actually having skinning in 5, 10, and 25 mans. Every corpse unskinned is gold left behind. I am there anyway and it KILLS me to leave that much gold rotting on the floor.

A friend gifted me with some epic gloves, wrists, and legging. I had a teary moment. Yes, I am weird. Poor Moly has never had much and has used what scraps a leveling toon can get. So getting all that at once was shocking.

Everyone should use it, so lets say it together...

I went to the trainer and bought duelspecilization. Since I have yet to read a lot of detail information on huntering in raids, is a perfect place to start.

Also I am specing into Survival for the first time. So as we all know as we should all take a moment to learn the new talents. THEN CHECK THE TRAINER AGAIN. I spend a bunch more gold learning abilities I have never had before.

A lot left to do before I deem Moly a raidable toon. Even so a while after dinging 80 she was in 5-man Heroic TOC. Were I picked up a new pair of epic gloves.

I am Beastmaster because ever since 3.0 added exotic pets I wanted a worm. Not any worm but a pokey pretty multicolored worm from Northrend. After a lot of complaints that I didn't name my worm after the first few levels of having him he was given the name Wiggles. Or more properly called Mr. Wiggles.

Now I will have to get some pets in order. I have all tenacity pets a bear, a boar, a gorilla, and a worm. I want a wolf and spider to diversify. I am planning to get the diseased wolf from Felwood. I have also been fond of the glass spiders. I may change my mind on the spiders, they make funny sounds.

That is what I have been doing for the last few weeks.
... long rambling post happens when I don't blog for a while (plus it is 2 in the morning). *grin*

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