Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guild Change

The last two years I have been running with the same guild. As of about two weeks ago that is no more.

This was one of the most agonizing decisions in-game the two of us have had to make. I told you when friends transferred. This was a trigger. We started thinking about our game and guild.

I talked to different officers. I talked with those outside guild. I consulted other bloggers. All of the discussion came down to one thing, I needed to break up.

The decision to leave guild was painful. There are really good people there and coming to the conclusion took me weeks. But when I did make the decision I referred to Matticus’ input as an officer and GM about how to leave guild.

The current goal is to NOT transfer off server so we can still be with friends on Farstriders. I talked to friends I know in the four 25 man raiding guilds on server. Keeping up those friendships became a huge asset in this change. The basic things I was interested in.

1. What are the raid times?
2. Can they use a Rogue and Warlock?
3. Will we realistically be able to raid 25s with guild?
4. How is loot distributed?

Timing is everything. The server is Central time but we are Pacific Coast. That would usually put us home just as raid starts or even 30 min after. This one question eliminated two of the four guilds.

Everyone can use good players. I added in the third question because… well… when I started to talk to people I got excitement that we were even THINKing about applying. A good raiding reputation is good.

Since we are a melee and range dps package that added a barrier. We are not even a couple that MUST RAID TOGETHER ALWAYS. As long as most raids are together we are good to be separate. But all we bring is dps and that will not suddenly change. Evasion tanking I don’t think counts. /casts lock heal?

Loot seems where most guilds have their drama. I was mostly looking for if they had a loot system. If bosses dropped bag, mounts, pets, and emblems I would be happy. I know others are not.

I watched the answers I received to see if friends were being nice or if they could truly use us. We were already sitting out in all raids, moving guilds to just do more of that would be counter productive to all parties.

Come to find out that the individual I was talking to at Night Shift was not only a member but was an officer. He told me straight out what they were looking for a rogue and that one of their locks was getting deployed. Plus I had been running with a few members in my PuG 10 man TOC.This is only the third guild that we have been a part of in over three years.


  1. All this talk of you switching guilds on your ally server... Tell us more about your friends horde side and how awesome they are.

  2. Grats on your new ally guild, but what of your friends horde side? Do you plan on raiding with both guilds?

  3. Because my not so sneaky DK posted these "Anonymous" comments (/cheer for web tracking) I promise to address his questions in a coming blog post.