Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hunter Pre-raid Gear a Lock’s Tip

Euripides over at Outdps.com posted Eidotrope’s Guide to Pre-Raid Hunter Gear.

This was written the day after Moly hit 80. I know Rip posted this in anticipation of all my Hunter questions in BA chat. The first starting off with “Does normal 5 man TOC drop a trinket for hunters? Armor Pen?” then the “Where else can I get trinkets?” … because we have 2 slots you know. Which Rip answered my first few questions and then directed me to the post.

So my lock tip is this…
Pre-raid gearing check out Eidotrope’s Guide to Pre-Raid Hunter Gear.
For button pushing head over to www.raider101.com.

As warlocks we are experts at watching DOT timers, cooldowns, and talent procs. Utilize that knowledge to keeping stings up and watching when things are off cooldown.

Running groups with both my lock and hunter has taught me 2 things.

1. I want Disengage on my lock.
2. I want Life Tap on my hunter.

How I am addressing these new found issues.

1. I am going to adjust my key binding to put Demonic Circle and Disengage on the same key binding.
2. Play my lock more. *grin*

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  1. I did indeed try to time it. Also, welcome to being a level 80 hunter! Which is awesome!