Thursday, June 25, 2009

*cast cast* Turtle MINE

Fishing, as you know, is one of my favorite past times. I fish to calm myself when I get annoyed. I fish when I am bored. I fish when I am busy. I fish listening to podcasts. I fish while chatting with friends. I fish when I just need something to clear my head.

I do a lot of fishing.

But so do my guildies!!! Congrats to one of my Pallies on winning the fishing contest in a little over 17 minutes.He mentioned Mr. Pinchy. I still needed that mini pet. All the fishing in BC I never got the chance. I did a few months ago get one. But no pet the the three chances. This time I headed over there and my first wish gave me the Magical Crawdad Box!

I enjoy doing the fishing dailies. I am still doing the Crocolisk in the City. I only have one of the three croco pets available.

All the random items that you get in your Bag of Fishing Treasures from the Dalaran fishing daily is great. Quite a bit of gold too, here are some of my favorites.

Deviate Fish is cooked to Savory Deviate Delight or made into Elixir of Giant Growth.
Pygmy Oil is made into Guru's Elixir.
Elixir of Water Walking is posted in AH just before Sunday’s Fishing Extravaganza.

The must read is dropped in the fishing bag too, A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure. MUST READ!!! *giggle fits*

My newest favorite is the Tiny Titanium Lockbox. Here is what I got in my first one.
Beyond all else I fish for mats for the Fish Feast for raiding. I help provide the mats to Husband for them so he doesn’t have to do it all. Lookie what I got!! (Oh and please note the T8 shoulders. I tend to not do lookie gear posts.)When you stand still on the Sea Turtle and jump the turtle mount tucks in his feet and head. It is a great addition to this great looking mount. *rides around in glee*


  1. Congrats on your fishing goodies.

    Every time I loot the fishing bag, I get all excited then I find...

    Worthless Broken Glass


    I do like looting the Porcelin Bell though :)

    insta 100g :D

    Maybe someday I'll find something fun...


  2. must be a pain if u have to do it now. I started with Sib while we were still playing bc and got 3 of 4 until then (it's 4! :-D). Damn it was annoying later to get the last! Annyways, fishing will be my next goal after my druid hits 80, i miss it.

  3. Do you have to have 375 fishing in order to qualify for the fishing dailies in Shatrath? And 450 to qualify for the ones in Dalaran?

    I FINALLY hit 365 just the other day, I'm well over 375 with my fancy walrus pole and lures, but not a "natural" 375 yet. :(

  4. @Aboo. There is NOT a fishing level requirement for the Shatt or Dalaran dailies. You do have to be level 70+ for the Shatt ones.

    It will just take you a bit longer to complete the quests at lower fishing level because you may catch more junk.

    The daily fishing quests are a good way to level a little bit and with the chance to get the glow worm lure for +100 skill for one hour maybe worth it.

    You can find all your fishing quests needs at