Friday, June 12, 2009

Ulduar Glitched

My guild has been 17-25 manning Loot Leviathan AKA Flame Leviathan in Heroic Ulduar.

While setting up for one of these runs we suddenly had … mobs. Two Runeforge Sentry walked through the protective bubble. They then proceeded to start twacking people around their feet.

Mounted, I ran for the stairs. You know… to watch the show.

We don’t know what happened but they eventually reset.


  1. That's happened to us too a few times. One time the whole front of the room aggroed and vent went nuts with accusations until it was determined that nobody actually had fired a shot. Ow.
    Fortunately that's the glitchiest part of Ulduar I've experienced. *phew* XD

  2. You sure nobody got too close to the shield? You can aggro them if you wander too near it - you don't have to pass through it, and you don't have to fire a shot or anything. I discovered this when I decided "Hey, I think I'll go exploring!", went down the steps (but staying on my side of the barrier) and suddenly saw several of them, previously minding their own business, turn in unison towards me and begin chasing me. I was a bit.....abashed to have to tell my guildies company was incoming and they should probably run.

  3. @Kahleena - That may have been it. I know I am guilty of running down there. I just may have been luck to not agro anyone.

    I would have thought the shield was there to prevent that... but either way ... it sure was funny.