Friday, April 17, 2009

TNB It’s Friday Live!

I was getting caught up with my podcast listening. So I am listening to the Twisted Nether Blogcast #34. As always I am laughing at the stories and appreciate the effort that Bre and Fim have put into their show.

At the end I hear an invite to bloggers to BA Chat. Then. THEN. Did I hear that correctly. Ratter and Kes said I bite. They did! So I have to set this straight.

I don’t bite… much.
I haven’t bit anyone … lately.
It’s not like you bleed … much.
I have cut back … *twitch*.
I don’t bite … shhh Ratter you will scare off the new pray.

I am now caught up with my podcasts. Friday listen in and join the live recording of the Twisted Nether Blogcast with guest Llanion (aka Bob) once of the misguided and now of Mad Cow Chronicles.


  1. The bite comment was in response to me. -grins-

    That was the first time I'd showed my face at a TNB, and hadn't yet visited BA chat... I said I'd like to but had teh ph34rs!

    But hey, I still showed up in BA chat even with warnings of biting!

  2. I was so behind on my podcasts, I totally missed it!

    It was nice chatting with you D-Less *grin* and see I don't bite...much.