Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Malygos Tips

There were guild and pug runs of 10-man and 25-man Malygos. I wiped a lot before finally it clicked for our group and we killed him. I had so many under 10% wipes I lost count.

Here are the notes I have from that time. (If you waited for me to actually clean this up into an actual guide it would never get posted.) I did a bit of research after each case to see if there were things I could improve or change. I found the Warlock Den forums helpful as always. I surprisingly found a Tank Spot post that help me calm my tanks.

Most helpful tips I can give is relearning how to agro manage, use the macros, and do the Aces High! daily. Once you get that, you too can wonder why there is a blue heart floating next to a loot box.

Phase 1

• Threat! Threat! Threat! Management.
I start DPS at about 50K threat.
• If threat is a big issue make sure you have Improved Drain Soul for the threat reduction. There is also a Enchant Cloak – Wisdom and meta gem, Bracing Earthsiege Diamond, that reduces your threat.
• DPS in spark is more important than DPS out of spark.
• If you are in a spark you don’t want to have to take time to shatter. So don’t put yourself in that position.
• Time shatter after a vortex with Malygos under 75% health.
• If you pull agro, you will be lucky if you only kill yourself, but most likely kill the raid.
• Have the ability to zoom far out to see spark spawn points.
• Keep your baring on where the sparks are coming from.
• Multi sparks recast ALL DoTs including Corruption. Spark dps = win.
Demonic Circle will pull you out of vortex. I put it next to the summoning orb. Careful to not accidentally summon Malygos if you also have a key. As of patch 3.1 this is no longer the case. (I said I was sorry! BTW Rogue’s Killing Spree also gets them out of vortex.)
• Macro for phase 1 & 2:
/tar Power Spark
/tar Scion of Eternity
• Lock will most likely NOT be on spark duty. We do not have CC abilities that help slow or stop a spark.
• Death Coil or Searing Pain a spark if your help is needed to kill sparks.
• Stay away from the head of Malygos. Don’t be a melee lock.
• No tail swipe so if there is a spark stand in it.
• Just before vortex a warrior can Intervene you and scrub off 10% of your threat.
• Keep attacking Malygos even after he hits 50% you can scrub a lot of percents off him as the transition takes place.

Phase 2
DoT the Scions of Eternity (in the air) using macro as you can while standing in the last spark. Instant cast everything and use Haunt.
• At this point the only spell I cast is Haunt and instants unless I can only reach one mob. I keep instant DOTs on any reachable Scions.
• Macro helps immensely.
• You cannot pull agro on Scions of Eternity.
• You CAN pull agro on the Nexus Lords. Make sure the tank has a chance to grab agro first.
• Phase ends when ALL scions are dead. Dotting everything is a great thing to help with this goal.
• Run to or stay in a purple bubble when “Malygos takes a deep breath.” Stand in middle of bubble. The bubble reduces damage but doesn’t eliminate it. Use Lifeblood, healthstone, or pots to help healers if you have too.
• Stay alive!

Phase 3
• If you reach this phase with three minutes for 10-man your time is good. Less time is needed as the raid gets good at keeping stacks up.
• Once the phase starts and have landed on the drake use second macro:
/tar Malygos
/follow SituationallyAwareRaidMember
• Make sure macro is on a bar that doesn’t vanish when you are on a vehicle.
• You can also put the macro in a text document, copy it pre-run and use ctrl+v in your chat window.
• For dpsing on the drakes: 112 or 1112 or 1123 or 11123 whatever your RL wants you to do. They all work.
• Keep around 30-40 energy to shield.
• If you get targeted ensure at least one combo point is up. You don’t get hit right away, you can see Malygos’ cast bar. If you just used your combo point dump (2) you cast (1) to get combo points to shield (5). AKA “Oh Shit” *pound on 5 key*
Practice Aces High! daily.
• I recommend using a combo point timer addon, like MalygosCP until you get your timing set. It activates while doing the daily also so you can get use to it.
• In 25-man you can sacrifice a Malediction lock to put Curse of Elements on Malygos. That is a significant increase to all damage dome by the raid. I personally think people need to just go do the daily.
  1. /tar Malygos
  2. Fly high above him.
  3. Unmount
  4. Spam CoE onto Malygos as you fall to your death.
  5. Watch the pretty stars and patterns while you can take credit for over 10% of all damage being dome by the raid.


  1. Great post, thank you :o) I sent it to my RL, hopefully it'll help with some of the problems we've gotten snagged on.

  2. I hope it helps. I know some of it seems really basic but I realized that sometimes it is the little things not clicking that a raid can get hung up on. Or even the little things you know but forget after running something over and over again.

    Good luck!