Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Won WOW!

Heroic Malygos done. Malygos died the first night we tried him. I was skeptical that we could do it. We went in with 24/25 raid members but DPS was not a problem at all. Once everyone stopped dieing on phase 2 it was easy.

I rocked the dps on phase 1 and 2 (not that it mattered). I then had the highest DPS on phase 3 (not that it mattered. *grin*)

I just won WoW!

With raid time left we went over to do Heroic Obsidian Sanctum and tried it with one drake up.

Once again we left Tenebron up with all his adds. I was helping the mages with AoE. That went well for a while. I died on an unfortunate void zone. Too many adds I didn't even see it.

War Machine has the skill but we are lacking time and full raids. For us "casual" raiding guild is a description of number of raid nights and length of raids. I am very excited to see us filling raid nights.


  1. Grats on the kills! Maly is a challenging fight, requires a ton of coordination, especially to move out of the darn flares in P3.

    Did ya get anything?!

  2. /jealous

    We can take down Sarth 1D (did it last Friday with only 22 people, and one-shot him!), but we cannot kill Maly. We barely got him to phase 2 the other night. :(

  3. @Mae - I didn't win anything. The really nice cloth leggings dropped but I passed on spending dkp on them. I have my T7.5 leggings already.

    I am saving my dkp for my T7.5 helm. A helm would be the last item I need for the Epic (all slots 215 or greater) achievement.

    @Kes - I am trying to finish an all I learned on Malygos post. It took us a while for Malygos too. Then just something suddenly clicked into place and we were able to repeat it and teach it. I know you will do the same.

    And thanks!