Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hydra’s Early Start (Story)

I started to write a story about Hydra the character as a child. While thinking through how this gnome child turned to be a master of shadow and flame, this story of resolved acceptance of this new group life seemed to spew out instead. Read at your own risk, because I never claimed I could write. Some long time readers remember I equate my writing no better then a drunken orangutan.

Life is good. I wait for a salmon to nibble on my line. One time there was no one. It was hard work researching and campaigning alone. The joy of bringing down wanted posters solo. But it has been interesting since then too.

In the distance the sun peeks through the trees. I still have some time before the others expect me for the next battle. I watch as Naltog the imp on the river bank does flips imitating the fish. They jump and he jumps.

In this place of quiet forest I let my pleasant smile turn into a full fledged grin. I let myself feel. I feel the, what was I figured it was, the joy that has made the corruption of minds so natural.

Lately it has been nice to rely on others on their skills.

I received my latest packet of correspondence. The neat writing on the largest packet I recognize as Aurum’s. It is a thicker packet than normal.

Aurum’s last letter asked if I had affection for my minions. Affection is a feeling. Feelings are to be studied, watched, and used to the most advantage. Then the appropriate time will come to manipulate those feelings to get desired results. No, I have no feelings one way or another for my minions.

Picking up the neatly tied stack of papers I start to sort through latest reports.

Above I hear rustling the canopy. Wait a moment. That is not above, but up the hill. Turning to the noise, I see bursting through the trees two humans, the Warrior and the Paladin.

I check the setting sun again. It is not time yet. What are they doing here? I still have two hours before we were to meet. As they approach at a brisk run I hear the Paladin’s clear voice “You told him to do it, didn’t you?” The Warrior just grinned.

As they run past me the Warrior winks at me. The Paladin with a resolved look follows beside. They move across the shallow part of the river into the forest.

I listen closely for there should be more.

Before I see him I hear him “Hydra, you need to start moving.” I glanced up at the elf rogue grinning at me from in the trees. “Remember how we talked about blade flurry and tricks of the trade? It works well.”

When I saw the two humans I had already started readying myself. I never felt his rogue trick on me. I should have felt the magic. I look within and see nothing. So who?

The rogue jumps down and runs across the top of the river water surface, disappearing about half way across.

Then I hear yelling coming form up the hill. “Get back here you long ear cheese thief.” Coming from the whitest draenei Mage I have ever met. He blinks half way down the hill.

I stuff the letters into my pouch next to my shard bag. Mounting up onto my gryphon, I summon Naltog to me and take flight.

As the mage runs to the river bank I see behind him a legion of trolls. The Mage blinks across the river after the elf and humans. There goes my two hours. Apparently we are starting our troll killing early.

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  1. Being a strict PVE warlock I have to say that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. It was well written and I enjoyed how you brought the warlock aspect to it. Wouldn't mind seeing more!