Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Invasion of Void Crystals

..until they remove it.We have been defending Azeroth from the Scourge Invasion. The leather set looks good on my druid and the chest piece would be an upgrade. So we have been farming the rares and elites.

I will not grumble about how much plate and cloth armor has dropped. Why will I not grumble? All the drops that no one can use can be disenchanted into void crystals.

BUT that is not all…

All the gear bought with the Necrotic Runes can also be disenchanted into void crystals. You can buy the purple gloves for 15 Necrotic Runes and get a void crystal.

Four of us went out to increase our reputation with the Argent Dawn. In an hour, Husband and fellow enchanter ended up with over 150 runes each and about six purples split between them. Pretty good for something you can solo farm.

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