Thursday, October 2, 2008

ZA Imp Pull

I randomly go to Zul’Aman. I have been doing the imp pull to the eagle boss, Akil’zon.

At the bottom, right of the ramp, where the pond is, I use my macro:
/target Amani'shi Tempest

I send up Naltog, he climes up the hill, and firebolts the Tempest and transfers the agro to me. The Tempest and two casters all come chasing after me. This pull lets us do the gauntlet without getting all the birds on the ramp up.
Imps work really well for this, but that doesn’t mean hunters cannot do it. I mean of the three with me … one was survival and we had two cats with us. Lazy hunters.


  1. One of the raids that I was with used to do something similar. The problem was that unfortunately it would bug up sometimes and we would screw up what at the time was our second timer. I think (we started doing Zul'Aman when the instance first came out, so it's been about a year) that we'd get the two, all of the stationary mobs, and then a reset would occur that would make us face the gauntlet anyways. We stopped after a while.

    These days, my guild barrels through and clear the gauntlet in a madcap fashion. It's so much more satisfying to kill, maim, and destroy everything in our path!

  2. we aren't familiar with the pull, but 3 hunters along and not one of them offers up a misdirect pull? for shame...