Friday, July 18, 2008

... you're Aurum?

Apparently I suck. (... I just heard a chorus of guildies say "very well I hear." ... they shall be ignored.) This is not something someone else has told me. It is a self assessment of my current abilities. I have said many times that skill and strategy separates real twinks from someone that just has enough gold to have agility enchants.

Agility 187 ... pfft
Attack power 258 ... whatever
Crit chance 30.00% ... loser
Dodge 52.03% ... you better.

I cannot find my trinket keys. My gouge timing is off. I went for a warrior first instead of the rogue. My ultimate failure was I let a hunter kite me.

On top of it all ... Eviscerate? What does that do again. *reads tooltip in book*

It is not natural.
It is not smooth.
It is not smart.
It is not skilled.
It is NOT me.

The last few months I have spent a lot of time behind a desk in a suit counting gold. The 10,000 gold is nothing to sneeze at. I have spent so much time working on Hydra's banking I lost all the skill I once had out in midfield and arena.

I never thought of myself as one of the best. But at times I could give some of the best in the battlegroup something to worry about. Maybe I should hang up my blades permanently on the wall as a memorial ... A marker of past glory and prowess. *sigh*

What I saw last night ... was embarrassing ... made me almost cry. If anything it broke my heart.

To turn this around there has to be more dueling, more arenas, and more WSG. If I can just figure out what was keybound to what ... anyone have an instructions manual?

L2P nub.

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