Friday, September 11, 2015

The Dealing with the Dealer Process

I used James Bragg’s car buying process that he lays out over on the Clark Howard blog he posted. This is my experience with it. 

Again I made a new sheet. I created this two weeks before. I took Mr. Bragg’s process and guess what? Spreedsheet-ized it!

Sheet 5: Process

Every call I make saves another dollar.
First day
Call internet sales managers

I am looking for Toyota Prius V Three, with no accessories. Any color will do except Blizzard Pearl (White).

I am ready to buy by month-end, I am contacting limited number of dealers to get price proposals and I would like to get one from you.

I will need both the price for the and an itemized out-the-door price by email by 11:00 AM tomorrow. I do not have a current Prius. I live in Orange County so you can calculate taxes accordingly.

I will call/contact all responders the next afternoon to tell you the best out-the-door price I received and give you one shot to beat it.

Second day
Morning Call/contact those you have not heard from by 11am. Call and ask for missing information.

Afternoon Call/Contact everyone that afternoon with best OTD.

The best out-the-door price I received was $______. I am calling to give you one shot to beat it.

Winner to confirm all numbers via email to _______ (no surprises)

There will not be a third round.

Make appt to sign papers and pick up the car.

Third day
Call/Contact other dealers to thank them for participating.

I would use this Sheet to focus myself before each call. This way I was sure each dealer had the same information to do their quote with. I also could note deviations from what I asked for.

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