Wednesday, September 23, 2015


My daughter told me immediately “New car is AWESOME!”

She has more room to stretch out. She doesn't have to roll down her window with her feet. We did have to have a discussion about rolling the window up and down. And how mommy has a MASTER BUTTON to stop all movement of the window.

She rearranged her booster seats in her dad’s car and mine. Apparently the RAV4 was to have the green one and the Prius v needed the hot pink one.

We do have some issues about her clicking her seat belt in herself. The clicker vanishes between the seats. I found a forum post that recommended putting a pool noodle in as a wedge. It helps.

After one week My 4 year old did ask a very insightful question.

4YO: Mom, do you miss your Old car?
Me: Do you?
4YO: I asked you first.

I told her I did.

But not the Corolla necessarily.

It is all the memories... I graduated college, lived in Northern California, moved back to Southern California, got jobs, lost jobs, got married, bought a place, was pregnant, had a baby, had a toddler, cried, laughed … LIFE… all in my first car.

Having anything for 17 years is a long time.

So yes, we miss the Corolla, but new Prius v is awesome and we will get to make new life memories in it now.

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