Monday, September 21, 2015

Anything Different?

I don't think I could have done anything different in this process. I needed to see it through as is.

Now that I have completed it once, will I do it again? Most likely, but limit the dealers to Mr. Bragg's 5-6 that he recommends.

The hardest part is calling and dealing with people that it is THEIR DAILY JOB to hard sell. Preparing yourself and knowing your mind is your best defense. I suggest everyone to write it down.

Your past self is smarter than you think.

Your past self was making decisions with no stress, no lights, no staring, no excitement to sway a decision… trust your past self.

When a dealer asked:
Want a different Car? … no. Past self wrote down Prius v.
What about a different Trim? … no. Past self wrote down Three.
How about Blizzard Pearl? … no. Past self wrote no white.
Do you know what Manufacturer rebates there are? … yes! Past self did the research, but tell me anyway so I can see if your answers are good.

My new car sticker price was $29,179.00, which excludes taxes, GAP Insurance, etc.

When I talked to Costco Auto Program dealer in March, they offered me $28,679 out-the-door. I know this depended on the Manufacturer offers and add ons at the time.

In July, my FINAL out the door price with everything included was $27,322.20 .

Was the $1,357 worth the calling and all that came with it?

Me? YES! To me, this was an adventure.

I would have done all the research and spreadsheets if I called or not. The only additional process I did was calling more dealers than what a sane person should.

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