Friday, September 18, 2015

At the Dealer

In ALL if this planning I forgot to ask the Dealer what information I needed to bring with me. So I actually needed to send Husband back home to get our current insurance card that was sitting on the desk.

  • Drivers License
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • All the information to fill out Credit Application.
… That is it.

I also recommend bring something to do. Something that you can start and stop.

I saw a lot of people playing with their phones. I would not recommend Hearthstone since at any moment you would have to deal with questions and paperwork. I chose to bring my daughter’s school calendar to update my paper calendar and our family Google calendar. All done through December!

All the prep work was worth it. Here is where it came in handy.

First, after finishing the Financial paperwork, they didn't want to approve me for my income since it was low. That is ok. I had the CU check.

I told them I should get $500 off since I would get $1500 rebate instead of the $1000. Salesman went back to talk to the GM.

Surprise! They can qualify me for the 0% if I use Household income. Sure.

Next off to the Financial office.

I sat down and pulled out a much loved and used blank Yellow Pad. Then placed my phone with my open spreadsheet next to the pad.

FO: Which finance deal were we doing?
Me: I don't car care there was only a $39 dollar difference.
FO: How you get that?

On my Yellow pad, I wrote out my 2 offers I currently had. Repeating exactly what was on my Sheet 1: Interest Calc.

1.24% + $1,500
0%  + $1,000
Car OTD Price
Interest Paid
Total Price

I circled the GAP insurance in the 0% column and told him that is where I can see the only difference.

I was smiling and laughing this whole time. Giddy is a good descriptive word. This was the fun part for me. With all the leg work done I would go in knowing I was good even with the CU deal.

He gave me his lowest price for GAP, $349, taking the number sold in his numbers and not necessarily the value.

Me: You meant $345. right?
FO: No, $349. That is the lowest.
Me: Works for me.

He went over all the up sales. Which I had looked into and said decided were not for me. When we were walking out...

Me: How many people come in with spreadsheets?
FO: No one.

In total 2 ½ hours I drove home in my new car.

WAY TO LONG DEALERS. It was only not a waste of my time, because I brought SOMETHING ELSE TO DO.

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