Thursday, June 3, 2010

Isn’t Blizzcon in October?

If you scan the WoW blogs out there you would think it was now. There is enough mention of Blizzcon 2010 out there to make you think it was RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Let us recap. Blizzcon is on October 22-23. Tickets went on sale yesterday. There is another batch of tickets on Saturday.

Husband and I actually booked a room for the weekend. The thought was to be prepared. If we didn’t go we could always cancel. *sigh*

Reality check…

As of October 22 if all things go well we will have a three week old new born.

Yea… I will not be one of those peoples… Dragging their kids to COMPLETELY inappropriate places.

I will never forget when I saw a parent bring what looked like a 7 year old to see Lethal Weapon 4 which is rated R. Listening to that child scream in absolute terror as a character gets rebar pushed through their gut. Said rebar was then used to swing around person on a pole. THIS is where psychiatric couch time comes from peoples!!!!

I went to Blizzcon last year. Loved meeting up with all the people, playing the games the vendors set up, watching the presentations. It pains me to miss it. BUT I would have to get a ticket first….

I got tickets.

Not only did I get tickets … I didn’t even have a queue. Checked out of the site like I was there to buy a sparkling pony. (I don’t have a pony but Husband bought one for himself. Granted he asked if I wanted one… All I could think was “Hydra would KILL ME and take pleasure in it.”)

…But realistically we cannot go.

You can scream at me all you want.

Right after we got the tickets, Husband and I sat down to talk about that to do with them. Looked at what we found fun. I decided if we still just went to the after Blizzcon meet-ups I would be happy.

I checked twitter to see what was up and noticed a woeful twitter from @Fimlys that he didn’t succeed at getting one.

That did it.

Husband and I agreed that our tickets would go to getting Twisted Nether Blogcast to Blizzcon 2010.

Fimlys of @Fimlys of Asleep at the WoW of Twisted Nether Blogcast and of most recently Polygamerous.

Saresa of @Saresa of the warlock blog Destructive Reach. Mostly because I have a vivid recollection of her Aussie accent all slurry and giggly from the last Blizzcon. Maybe I can get her to bring me a little jar of Vegemite to try out.

TNB at Blizzcon 2010 made possible by Hydra of Almost Evils clicking finger.


  1. Are you implying that blizzcon might totally scar our offspring for life?

    'cause I could see that ...

  2. Um, that should have been YOUR offspring ... mine are already scarred.


  3. *hugs Hydra* I'll make sure I bring you some Vegemite. And maybe some Tim Tams as well <3

  4. @Grimmtooth
    Blizzcon would totally scar small children. I think it has the potential to scar larger children too. I hear how the Horde chant... that is not normal adult behavior.

    Squee. I'm so excited. I hear a lot about Vegemite but have never tried it. I am looking forward to it!

  5. Ok, 3 week is a bit young, one goblin sneeze and you'd be enjoying that newborn cold. From personal experience, it's worse than the Lich King fight. MESSY!

    3month, I could totally see. Baby should have those first few rounds of shots done and maybe even that first cold. Dress little one up in tiny elven ears and a miniature renaissance outfit. Pop on a Baby Bjorn and you're ready to roll.