Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Check Out Flinthammer Hall

Flinthammer Hall is an RP blog I enjoy immensely. Ringo has been telling us about his exploits on Azeroth for years. He is joined by his wife Beli and lots of other family and friends.

You can start their tale back before Ahn’Qiraj. Follow them through fighting the Burning Legion. Watch as they step onto Northrend soil and then take down the Lich King. Today, they can currently be found in Khaz Modan.

Reading their stories through the years is an adventure in itself. There has been poignant glimpse into the feelings of a father off to war. (I admit I cried while reading the letter and then reflecting back.) There are funny ones about one of his friends having a sex change and then back again. There are gorgeous images done by Beli like the one she did for the Holidays.

I would highly recommend listening to Ringo and Beli interviewed on Twisted Nether. For no other reason then hearing how they put together all those beautiful images on their site.

Beyond any of that ... Dwarf chicks are hot.

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