Monday, May 3, 2010

New Super Mario Brothers Review

Polygamerous the gaming podcast is looking for you! Mike, aka Fimlys of Twisted Nether Blogcast, and his cohorts are looking for game reviews. In a rare attempt for me to be “helpful” I recorded and sent in a one minute review a few months back. Help them out and send your own!

Here is what I had to say...

Last Christmas I gave to my mother the Wii game NEW Super Mario Brothers.

Through the day we sat and played through some of the levels.

The game has the same 2D game play as Mario 3.

Minor changes we immediately noticed were the use of whirly hats instead of raccoon tails. I was kind of sad about the loss of tail.
They do utilize a shaking movement to use the hats with the Wii remotes that I thought was very clever.

There are New types of mini games. A lot of new levels but with highly familiar game play.

It has the same exciting sounds when you complete levels or a challenge.

While more then one person can play… you can be a help or a hinder to each other.

You cannot run through each other but bounce off … which can be helpful to reach things.
BUT … you can also push your partners into lava… repeatedly.

A con for many people would be that it IS exactly like Super Mario 3…
Down to level 1.1 being exactly the same with updated graphics.

But if you are looking for a game that has classic play with updates … I highly recommend New Super Mario Brothers.


  1. My kids (4 & 8) love this game. My 4yo son absolutely loves this game and could if allowed, play it all the time. It's especially funny watching him play cuz when Luigi moves right, my son moves right, when Luigi jumps, my son jumps. After an hour, my son is soaking with sweat. Of course because of no clipping, they usually need to quit because he's picked up and thrown my daughter off the edge, repeatedly. Imagine Warcraft with a new Wii interface. To get your toon to run, you must run in place. Casting spells would require fancy hand movements.. Twirl wii wand, right, then up to cast corruption, etc.

    My favorite is to jump on the 'dragon' and eat my co-players, then spit them out passed that big jump they keep failing at.

  2. That is great!

    In WoW I would love to be be able to hop on my dragon eat a fellow raider and poop them out. Something to consider!