Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lich King’s Val’kyr

Learning the Lich King fight is some serious … well either you know what I mean or you will eventually find out.

Lich King is a place that having a few locks in raid is an asset. I have heard that Hunters can Disengage back onto the cliff and Mages can possibly Blink. Neither of those things are a guarantee like a lock portal.

In the second phase, Lich King summons Val’kyr to pick up random raid members and DUMP them off the side of the platform. Three Val’kyr are summoned in 25 man and one in 10 man. They can be stunned but become immune quickly and can only be slowed, not permanently stopped.

A Demonology warlock has Intercept with their minion. A Destruction warlock has Shadowfury and Conflagrate to stun targets. An Affliction warlock has none. BUT remember the Val’kyr become immune quickly to types of stuns (a mechanic like tank taunts), our stuns could be a hindrance.

Personally I feel we are better suited to killing them ASAP then to play games with stuns and slows that other classes can succeed better in. Remember one person does not make a raid.


Before you start the Lich King fight get an idea how far you can be in this room from your portal to use it. This will help you in your confidence of using your portal in phase two. What does the 40 yards look like?

As soon as the second phase starts I lay my Demonic Portal near the edge of the inner platform. I want it to be a close to the edge as possible.

There should always be a line between Lich King, yourself (at ranged as you can be), and the portal. You don’t want to run off because of Defile and leave your DP on the other side of the platform. Readjust portal placement as needed.

When you are picked up, NO ONE SHOULD BE DPSING your Val’kyr.While learning this phase the RL may want you to call out if a lock is picked up. The raid should know that people standing out on the edge are out of luck. The only ones who should be out there are the locks.

Less distance the Val’kyr has to go to drop you off the edge the better.We want the Val’kyr to drop us ASAP.We will be able to return and help DPS the other Val’kyrs down.Key things to remember:
1) Place Demonic Portal at the start of Phase 2
2) DP should be near the edge
3) Keep DP in line with LK.
4) Don’t use your DP to get out of Defile since you need it for Val’kyr.
5) Move your portal if you have to change positions.

Anything else to remember for this phase of the Lich King fight?


  1. he only spawns one in 10 man

    nice awareness

  2. (updated)

    LK is all about awareness. Which does make it a hard fight because it usually ends the raid night.

  3. Hydra said she expected that I would comment on this post....

    But honestly...

    I have absolutely nothing to add. Suffice to say, Hydra does an amazing job on this fight, now if only some of it would rub off on others... *ahem*

  4. My guild has been working on LK for a bit now and this idea was brought to my attention not too long ago. Sounds like a great idea and look forward to trying it out tonight. Thanks for the strat!

  5. I hate bosses in this games... they are so hard, but at least they give you a big place to fight against...

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