Thursday, May 13, 2010

Evil Check: Averted Guild Drama

The guild did a 10 man raider shuffle. We had a three and a halfish 10 man teams going. With the transfer of a few players off server a few weeks ago things got rearranged.

Just because I am not involved doesn’t mean I will not make myself involved.

Husband is nice. Shocking as a rogue, but if you met him you will just know it. Any sarcasm he has is from spending 20 plus years in my presence. We don’t complete each other (I never understood that line and actually hate when people use it.) but we do balance each other.

Husband helps a Tree in guild co-raid-lead a 10-man group. For purposes of this blog I will call it Husband’s 10 man. He will correct me by saying he just helps… so we acknowledge that and are moving on.

Officers worked with Raid Leaders to rearrange groups. Balance classes and styles.

The toughest part in all of it was tanks. In a 25 man raid guild there are two primary tanks and then a short list of off tanks.

Two of the officers trying to “help groups out” were coming in to Husband’s group and tanking. This worked out great … except for one thing. They have their own 10 mans on their mains. In our raiding schedule they only had one night a week available to them. This left the other eight raiders with no tanks the other two nights.

Somewhere in here I started talking to officers.

Here is where I had to decide my involvement. My evil check was this...
1) I had a moment of KNOWing I could watch things blow up.
2) I could start some things so when people start getting heated they have actually have thought about it a bit.

With the second option... there is the benefit of maybe having my opinions in their head.

I was concerned about WTF is going on about the tanks. Husband’s group was told they were getting one of the 25 man main tanks into their group. But after three weeks … it had not happened.

Then … not only were the two main tanks in the guild leader's 10 man raid but also the two geared off tanks (as dps).

We see the problem with this correct?

BEFORE anyone flipped a lid… though it didn’t prevent some steam... I had already continued conversations with most all of the officers. Admittedly I didn’t talk to the guild leader. I respect the GL to much to think he had devious plans. I wanted to understand if this was a conscious decision by all officers or just a tanking spiral of potential guild drama.

I enjoy a good bit of drama… but not near me. I will not tolerate it. I also know the officers are not a fan either.

Most of my conversations went like this (not exactly but close enough)…
[Hydra] Hey. So who are the tanks in guild?
[Officer] That would be Uberpally and The Bear. There are some more…

[Hydra] You could include the Lolret going tank and the DK. They both have great off sets and know what they are doing.
[Officer] Yea. Them too. That is not a lot of tanks is it?
[Hydra] Nope.

[Officer] We need to work on that.

[Hydra] Agreed. Just out of curiosity whose 10 man are they running in? ‘Cause some of the ten mans are looking for tanks.

[Officer] ummm… they are all in the …same …group.

It was about this time that Husband and co-RL were starting to realize the current state and health of their 10 man.

Extended conversations happened. I was not privy to them all. Which I don’t need to be to know what was going on. I was focusing on Husband’s sudden grumpyness and cussing. (He apologized to co-RL for later *eye roll*).

These things take time to address. No one involved had intentions of making anyone angry or lie to them. It was just a situation.

In a night or two some conversations between officers and Husband and his co-RL happened.

I stuck myself into vent. Put myself in-game. I than stuck a “/AFK” comment in my vent comment …And listened in.

No one was deluding themselves that I was ACTUALLY /AFK. It became quite evident when I started whispering them.

Whispering Husband about points he told me that he was NOT telling the Officers. Whispering Officers that the offer of help they gave and Husband and the co-RL pushed off as no big deal was ACTUALLY a big deal to them but were to NICE to say so. Everyone pretended I was not there… which made me laugh.

Ultimately everything was worked out.

This is the thing I love about my current guild. They are adults. They act like they are adults. Adults can be wrong, but with communication and understanding it can be fixed. People can have fits, but it is how they react after them that makes them mature or not.

At no point would I feel I could call this guild drama. This was a growing pain that had to be addressed. Sometimes to do that it takes time and communication. Without either of those this could have been HUGE.

While /AFK listening in … I did have something reinforced by an officer to Husband and co-RL.

“You guys are lucky to have Hydra as an advocate. I would want her on my side too.”

Which got me a whispered “I love you.” from my husband.

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  1. Baby hormones below ...

    “You guys are lucky to have Hydra as an advocate. I would want her on my side too.”

    Which got me a whispered “I love you.” from my husband.

    Baby hormones above ...

    To be fair, I personally whispered some folks the exact opposite of this... both points in fact...

    "Holy crap, keep her away from me...."


    "Wow, I hate her, she's evil...."

    But, I do believe she helped remedy the situation in her own puppet-master ways.

    Don't be fooled, she knew exactly what she was doing when she set the wheels in motion, and don't be twice fooled once removed thinking some of us didn't realize this....

    On a side note, I bagged the TLPD today!