Monday, May 10, 2010

Gamer Girl, Maybe?

When considering baby proofing, I didn’t know I had to worry about things like this!

Saturday, we had a cousin do an almost hour long ultrasound. My mother and mom-in-law were there too. This was both their Mother’s Day gift. Husband’s cousin has been doing them for decades and proclaimed “If it is not a girl I would be extremely surprised.”

Pretty much we didn’t see “extra” parts. During that hour she (which I will now use until otherwise told) was extremely active. Sucking her thumb and moving her jaw. Keeping her ankles crossed to be annoying.

Husband is left handed and I am right handed. There was already talk about that topic. I told the room. “It doesn’t matter. She will use both because she couldn’t be anything but a gamer.” *grin*

My Priest playing sister-in-law is extremely excited. After I told her, she went searching for baby gamer girl clothes.

I am taking it one moment at a time. I have been lucky so far except for some queasiness. This is why I have not been raiding as much.

Some nights long expose to all the flashing AOE lights, how fast I play, and all the camera movement crits me right between the eyes with a headache. When we pull in ICC the Lower Spire, The Plagueworks, and Crimson Hall all in two and a bit hours …it is actually really bad on me.

I cannot even watch Husband play. When he uses Tricks of the Trade on mobs and his rogue pops all over the place it gives me an instant headache.

When I can I have traded my raid spot on that first night. I really hope they understand it is not because I don’t want to raid. Some days are better then others and well .. if I see that there are a whole bunch of people waiting a turn to get in… they might as well come in on farm content.

Progression fights for me are much better. After a wipe there is a pause. It is long enough for my eyes and head to rest. Plus, with everyone arguing over strategies … it gives me plenty of time ... plenty of time to pick on people.


  1. "it gives me plenty of time ... plenty of time to pick on people. "

    Which she takes ___FULL___ advantage of!!!

  2. Oh, you got PLENTY of time to baby-proof. The little level 1 female human warlock won't be that mobile until at least 9mo.

    As for boy/girl - my wife was craving pancakes and donuts ('sugar n spice and everything nice') with my daughter. For my son it was steak and potatoes (snips 'n snails and puppy dog tails??).