Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turn of DPS

Husband and I came to this guild so that we could stay on server. One of the key points to staying on server was regular raiding. We are two DPS. That had its challenges.

When we joined they were recruiting a rogue or two. They had 4 raiding warlocks… my time was not likely.

The Rogue was into raids. Husband was suddenly the third Rogue. And the only Combat Rogue. Once they got the three way tricks of the trade going they were fine.

Husband can run raids seven days a week. Me? Not so much.

Suddenly all the locks but one vanished. (You cannot prove that I did anything to them. *cough*)

I am now the second warlock.

I think I would go insane if I regularly raided seven days a week.

We run 25s four days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The number of days does change depending on sign ups. Only two are progression nights.

That would be fine. My issue right now is… 10 mans.

Husband has been in an established 10 man. There was some trouble with tanks but they are working that out.

I was doing 10 mans on Moly for a while. Raids were going to be back to back. My Horde raid would end and then I would have to run to my Alliance raid.

It seemed really hard to justify taking a spot when I would have to leave at raid time with no expectations. Plus my horde guild seems to have some great people signing up for raids.

Plus I need to find time to eat. 

Here I am now months into raiding with my guild. I do not have an established 10 man raid group. I have mostly messed around in alt runs or filled in a night or two. I have been asked by my Husband's group to attach myself to them. I have now been asked by the guild leader to join his.

When the first 10 man asked me I made a deal. Sure I would join only if OS3D is done. “No Problem” I was told.

The guild leader asked me one week to come in for Sindragosa. My answer? “Sure if we do OS3D first.” He would have to ask of course.

Truthfully, I was using up all my opportunities to come into a raid that had all but two bossed down. It was not so much the loot I minded losing but that was a lot of Emblems of Frost. We were able to 9-man OS3D since the 10th didn’t log in until 25 minutes after start of raid time.

I don’t think I could commit to a 10 man from start to finish on the three non-25s nights. I like PVP, fishing, playing Horde, doing random crap, and even being off game. *gasp*

Right now I have choices. It is good to be wanted DPS. At the same time … I am watching the TV, sewing, and Sudoku.

This DPS can be bought for an OS3D run.

I think that makes me a DPS whore? Yes, Hydra, you are a DPS whore, wear it proudly. I can be bought!

... still. I do need to find a blanace between raiding and other things in my life. I don't know what to do about the 10 man raiding.


  1. "Plus I need to find time to eat."

    Food is fer the weak.

  2. You want to compete for 10 man warlock gear?

  3. @Ratter
    Food makes it possible for me to not bite the head off every peoples that thinks in my direction. Husband will contest to me without food would be detrimental for the environment that I am in.

    Meh. I have to compete for 25 gear what is another raid. *grin*

  4. Oooops, MT... meant to say...

    I want to compete for warlock gear???

  5. Hydra to pay attention when she is on Moly so I can chat with her imo.

    --Morbidius the Grumpy.

  6. BTW, which one of us is going DEMO for this 10 man then???

  7. You speak of going off game as if there was an outside thing.

    Is that a new expansion?

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