Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It was the Pits

I druid tanked Pit of Saron for the first time. I had two friends dpsing for me, lock and a mage. A ret pally was the third. Then there were the healers… That is correct multiple healers. 
Healer 1
Was fine. Then decided to stand in the mines, and dies with Krick and Ick still at 70% health. We survive another 20% or so but … you just run out of cooldowns. That healer left.

Healer 2
We killed Krick and Ick with no trouble. Then came the pulls I was dreading. I have no DK with me. I have no hunter or rogue to help me get agro on everything. Plus the 3 casters and 2 melee adds change after like 2 pulls. We died twice and the healer made a snotty comment and left. While none of us commented that he was still wearing pieces of 70 gear.

Healer 3
Still had to deal with ever changing trash pulls. I had no idea what their behavior would be like. At this point my dps friends were making fun of me, something about “Angry HYDRA”. Pfft. Just because I was yelling in vent did not mean I was angry. Harrumph.

We one shot every boss in Pit of Saron. (except Krick and Ick. I choose not to count that since seriously HEALER GET OUT OF THE EXPLODING PURPLE BALLS OF DEATH.)

The ret pally was really nice. And I thank my friends for laughing at me.

My trouble was understanding how the dumb adds moved since I normally stand 30 yards away… at a safe range.

I also said to them if you know of a better way then just yell at me. The third healer pointed out a thing or two, but that was it. So healers left in a huff knowing it is not the easiest instance to pull and had no constructive input. Plus, which part of “I have never pulled this place.” Did you not understand?


  1. And that is why I tanketh not!

  2. Yea that instance is immensely easy to pull as a DK, heck all of the ICC 5 mans are.
    When I run Reg for Fera, I love standing in the exploding balls of death, and the poison nova.

  3. @Eversor
    I enjoy tanking a lot. The idea of setting the pace for pulls works for me.

    I go tank a random when I get grumpy when Hydra has a tank that is ... not so good. I go be the tank I wish I got.

    Ha! figuring how to keep aggro on mobs that feel a gazillion yards apart is a challenge. Silly caster mobs all wanting to stay at range.

  4. Ramp adds, first two pulls. Caster broad in the middle (not too bad I don't think she hits that hard).
    Casters in the back right and front left(we usually mark them skull and X and kill them first)
    Other mobs in the front right and back left (I think they're melee.. usually they just kinda die).

    The biggest pains are the skull/X targets. If you can, have someone silence one of them, then it'll run over to you and join the puppy-pile of dying mobs. If not.. yeah.. stun maybe?

    Normally I sic my felpuppy in the back-right corner guy to silence him (he then usually runs to the tank). Then seed spam on the group.

    DK for yoink is nice.

    High Ramp adds, last two pulls. Again there's two caster guys back right and back left. Try to get them either silenced or stunned. Make them first kill targets.


  5. What I try to do when I need to pull casters on my druid, Hydra, is to save the charge for one of them *after* they start casting. Having tanked that instance on a paladin and on a DK, but not yet on my druid, I can imagine how you could open the pull up. Run in (save the charge), Maul/Swipe if you have enough rage while going to one corner of that pull, just enough to get in range to charge the farther away caster.

    Hope that helps! And keep up the good work on the blog! ;)

  6. Swipe swipe swipe. Run around if you must to collect all the guys. The spacing is just so that you won't be able to get all of them in swipe range unless you position yourself just so. Keep an eye for a stray, you'll probably lose one here or there - just growl at them to get them back.

    For the second wave of pulls, try to get out of the ice circle if you can. Same deal with them, the casters can be hard to pick up in back.