Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Thoughts on Sindragosa

We now get a chance to kill the big dragon on the log-in screen. If this is not a sufficient reason for you to want to kill her think of it this way. Who do you see when you are DCed? Sindragosa


Tankspot has some variations of boss placement. My tanks placed Sindragosa to the left of the stairs. At the point where the stairs end and the platform starts.

As ranged DPS you don’t have to worry about the Cleave, Tail Smash, and Frost Breath. As in all dragons there is just no reason for us to be in front or behind.

Unchained Magic… *growls* we will get back to that one.

Icy Grip sucks you into melee range of her. She then casts Blistering Cold. After the 5 second cast there is an AOE that kills anyone in a 25 yard area.

Demonic Portal is your friend. Put your portal out in ranged and after getting gripped you can port back to it.

Don’t rely on only your portal. You can portal on the run. MOVE. Portal. Then Move some more.

I had no problem at all in the first 10 attempts. I was caught once standing on my portal still to close, so I learned to keep moving. It happened because the tank needed to move the dragon and I didn’t adjust my portal placement.

Then there were the next few attempts. I kept moving … but started dieing from being to close. My portal failed and so I had to run like everyone else.

I needed to minimize my flight time when Icy Gripped. As we wiped and wiped I apparently was moving as FAR AWAY FROM ALL THE SMELLY RAIDERS as I could. I was at my max range. Really, it was nine guys running around for over two hours. I shoved some frost lotus (I know it is expensive but it was for a good cause) into my nose. Getting closer to the dragon shaved off flight time of the grip, giving me the 0.5 sec I needed to make the last few steps out of the AOE of death.

*sigh* Unchained Magic.

When you get Unchained Magic every time you cast you get one stack of Instability debuff on you. Each Stack will deal 2,000 damage when it falls off after 8 seconds after not casting. (No, you cannot just continually cast. It expires automatically after 30 seconds.)

Work with your healers. Initially I was allowing 5-6 stacks on me before waiting the 8 seconds for the debuff to drop off. Eventually we moved that to 8-9 stacks.

Every SB, Haunt, UA, Corr, CoA, and even a Life Tap will add a stack. I think even portaling to your Demonic Circle puts a buff on you. Our job is DPS. Standing there starring at dragon butt is not an option. Attacking with your wand does not put Instability stacks on you. Yea, I totally wand the dragon, that was more DPS then standing there.

Then there is an Air Phase. It is raid awareness. Raiders who are marked with the Frost Beacon and then Iced Tombed place themselves where the rest of the raid can line of sight the Frost Bombs.

I am a player that does not always look at the fight head on. I constantly mess with my camera angle and how far I am zoomed in or out. I also look at my toon from the side or even above. It is imperative for you to make a straight line from the Frost Bomb to the Ice Tomb to the top of your head.

To keep my trinket buffs up I DPS the Tombs only a bit. We had melee work on them.

An unexpected hard part was actually the transition from phase 2 (air phase) back to phase 1 (ground phase).

Affliction warlock DPS has to be ramped up. Our dots need to start ticking. By the time the dragon lands… all your work is gone. So I got a lot of time to learn to be efficient at starting the DPS cycle.

At 35% you go into the last ground phase. Sindragosa has all the same ground phase abilities but adds Mystic Buffet. Pretty much making you useless if you get Unchained Magic cast on you. You also get an Ice Tomb on a player that will help you manage your debuff stacks.

If raiders are not good with their spacing or they don’t anticipate where bad things can happen phase 3 is hard. Everyone needs to have controlled movement. Everyone needs to manage their debuffs.

I got to the point that if I had Unchained Magic it was more important that I do nothing so I survived at the end of the 30 seconds, than any DPS I could contribute at that point. Figure out what the debuffs look like and manage them accordingly.

A girl can only take so many 2%, 3% 7% wipes until the dragon finally dies. I did more damage then the other lock, completely must have been all the wanding I did (inserted only to annoy the other lock.)

With a dead dragon… we went after the Lich King.

[RL] What is the difference between real raiders and us?
[RL] They know how to get to the next boss.

We ran around. Went up and down elevators. Went around in circles. Crossed paths.

From Sindragosa’s room, turn left, go up the ramp. There is an elevator which puts you in a hallway facing the val’kyr room. Avoid the val’kyr as you run to the center transport that is now working. It takes you directly to the Lich King.
We got him to around 82% before we died a painful but swift death.

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