Friday, December 12, 2008

Cooking World Drops for your Mood Swings

The recipes you need, you get by doing the Daralan cooking dailies. But this is not about what you NEED it is about fun. In Wrath there were four fun world drop recipes.

Recipe: Bad Clams - Succulent Clam Meat & Mote of Shadow
Recipe: Haunted Herring - Fangtooth Herring & Essence of Undeath
Recipe: Last Week's Mammoth - Chunk o' Mammoth
Recipe: Tasty Cupcake - Northern Egg & Simple Flour

None of these recipes do anything for you. Not a thing good or bad. It is just there to read. There is a two hour buff on you. You need to look at the buff icons too. The little faces are cute.

Bad Clams - Eating Bad Clams make you angry.
Haunted Herring - Eating Haunted Herring makes you scared.
Last Week's Mammoth - Eating Old Mammoth makes you sad.
Tasty Cupcake - Eating Cupcakes make you happy.

To see the recipes drop you need to train in Grandmaster Cooking. No particular skill level is needed, you only need to have trained for 450. I have seen the recipes drop while I was out farming and within dungeons. So I know they are truly a world drop.

These recipes are used for the achievement Second That Emotion. You need to eat one of each of these treats. If you are achievement happy, you don’t have to have these recipes, you can eat a treat a friend has made.

But the achievement I cannot WAIT to complete is during Children’s Week. You eat a Tasty Cupcake in front of an orphan for the achievement… Bad Example. *daintily wipes mouth* I need to get some practice in for that one. I know I saw an orphan around here somewhere. *heads to Stormwind*

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