Monday, August 2, 2010

San Diego Guild Meet Up

Before Preview Night for the Comic Con, Husband and I met up with a pair of raiders that live in the San Diego area. It is still EXTREMELY odd to meet people you have raided with for two to three years in person.

We first had to get over calling each other by our online names. You hear the voice and it is automatic. I AM HYDRA. Even in real life I don’t seem to have a problem answering to it.

We ate at Phil’s BBQ. Husband and I were watching Man vs. Food when it was spotlighted. We are always on the look out for excellent BBQ. Plus the prices looked reasonable. Which is always a big plus.

Shammie said they have the coldest beer in town. The three guys split a pitcher. … sadly I couldn’t partake.

We talked about guild personalities. How things were going for them in-game. Game mechanics. Helpful addons. Even how thing were going for them in RL. *gasp*

Husband and the Shammie (who should be a rogue) talked about rogue like stuffs. Shammie is only not a rogue because when he applied to the guild was when we had a party full of them in our 25. Mage and I basically tuned them out and when we couldn’t made fun of melee.

I would post a picture. But then that would mean I would have had to remember a camera AND remember to take a picture… neither happened.

Funny story about raiding with these guys…

Since April of this year we have been having a string of earthquakes throughout Mexico and Southern California. This is normal. Only the current string of events has actually been felt further away and consistently.

A few weeks later Husband’s raid team was running ICC.

While running through Plague Wing suddenly the two guys in San Diego announce in vent “Hold up there is an Earthquake.” (incase it got bigger.)

A few moments pass, Husband in Orange County feels the same shaking going on “Yep, I am feeling it now.”

A little more time goes by and the boomkin and bear in the LA area both let vent know “Ground is shaking.’

It was a very odd thing to have a natural pre-Cataclysmic earthquake be felt in real life. I wonder if Blizzard planned it that way. *grin*

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