Friday, August 6, 2010

Bronze Door Bell

This is another San Diego Comic Con post. I will get to WoW as soon as I can think of something funny or productive to tell you.

This year I sent Husband back to the convention without me. My sisters fiancée/boyfriend/significant other (he told her to go pick a ring and she has yet to do it *eyeroll*) went with him. Long time readers would know him and his brothers as NPCs in Valiance Keep. (You maybe curious to know that most of the brothers play Horde and have killed themselves in game.)

Being the wonderful husband that he is, Husband asked if I wanted anything. Well… to go!... but less that I wanted a …

Bronze door bell.

For over a decade I have been staring at the bronze door bells at Honeck Sculpture. They are handcrafted by an artisan. I have hovered over his stand for hours looking at everything. I highly recommend you check out his wears on his online site.

I have this idea in my head that I want gargoyles to protect my house. I grew up with Chinese guardian dogs. My strange fantasy and science fiction mind translated that tradition to gargoyles!

But being that I live in a typical suburban area and in a condo at that… I don’t foresee actually gargoyles happening anytime soon. Thou I am still holding out to making a pair of gargoyles to spray water out at trick-or-treaters for Halloween.

I figured that I could get away with a door bell plate.

Here is a picture of a few. Husband sent me the picture to make sure he was getting the correct one.

The cats have green yellow glass eyes. From the bottom to the top of the wings is almost 5 inches. They are not small by any means. They replace any standard door bell plate.

I had Husband buy the center one, the bat winged cat. I figured it was a good balance of everything that I enjoy without scaring my mother and small children on a daily basis.

I would also recommend his cloak clasps. They have real weight to them. If I was not using my cloak to hide in the shadows to jump out and scare children on Halloween I would spend the money on one. Someday I might, or make a different cloak to use one.

In this age of the internet there are so many great artisans out there to find. Find them and use them for great gifts. If you know any I should check out let me know, don’t be all greedy and keep them to yourself.

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